We are fortunate that MUD 94 is in a position where mandatory water restrictions are NOT currently required because of prudent planning years ago.  As a result, the District is in good shape but improved water conservation practices by everyone are CRITICAL to extending the life of the District’s water wells.  Below are some helpful tips for conserving water when watering your lawn:

Texas A&M recommends the following for lawns:

  1.  Give St Augustine lawns 1-2 inches of water per week. Water 3-4 days per week, limiting each zone to 15 minutes or less.  This will prevent water from running off your lawn into storm sewers and encourages lawn roots to go deep.  Set measuring cups on your lawn midway between sprinklers or midway from a standard lawn sprinkler to see how much water you or your system is putting down during each watering session.
  2. For those residents with sprinkler systems, you might consider investing in a “water logic” type irrigation management system that applies water in precision applications based on temperature, humidity, soil type, slope and other factors.  Saves you money and conserves water too!  Your HOA uses a water logic system which greatly helps conserve water.
  3. As Fall/Winter approaches, less water will be needed as your lawn begins to go dormant.  Plan on watering your lawn in the morning once a week.

A few additional measures:

  1.   Take shorter (5 minute) showers.
  2.   Turn off water while brushing or shaving.
  3.   Use dishwashers and washing machines with full loads only.
  4.  Check for leaks and fix leaks found.